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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What type of services does Stick -N- Go provide? Mobile phlebotomy specimen collection, processing and delivers the patient's lab work to the testing lab. DNA testing, Gender reveal testing.

2. What type of patients do we service? Patients under the care of a phyisican, with needs that will enable their mobility into patients service facilities to have bloodwork done and/or anyone wanting the convenience of not having to travel by having us bring the lab to you.

3. Can Stick -N- Go provide the patient with blood work results? Stick-N- Go has no access to patient results. You should contact the physician who ordered the labs or the lab conducting the testing.

4. Are patients able to request bloodwork without a doctor's order or medical health insurance? YES! Patients can request bloodwork without a valid laboratory order from a authorized physician or medical health insurance.

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